Why is the Government Planning to Link Driving Licenses with Aadhaar?

Linking Aadhaar with personal documents has been subject to severe criticism, Union Minister said a law will soon be introduced for compulsory linking of Aadhaar and driving licence.

Union Minister Shankar Prasad on Sunday (January 6) announced that the govt would soon make it mandatory to link driver’s license with Aadhaar card. The proposal was announced by the law minister days after the Aadhaar amendment bill was passed within the Lok Sabha.

The Government has encounter many instances where one person has quite one driver’s license . As per the acts associated with road transport, an individual cannot possess multiple drivers’ licenses. driver’s license issued in one state is valid altogether other states and union territories of the country. Thus, an individual needn’t have multiple driving licenses.

To curb this menace, the central government is getting to link Aadhaar with driving licenses. Licenses not linked with Aadhaar would be deactivated after the top of deadline. As just one driver’s license are often linked with Aadhaar, the difficulty of duplicate licenses are often easily controlled.

Avoiding duplication

One of the key reasons behind the government’s intention to link driver’s license with Aadhaar card is to clamp down on illegal duplication of licences. at the present , it’s easy to urge duplicate licences by approaching different Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). this is often a reason of concern for the govt as many of us misuse the document.

Better identification

The government claims that the move will help immensely in identifying licence holders. as an example , an individual guilty of committing an accident often flees the scene and gets another duplicate licence. However, linking Aadhaar with driver’s license will allow easy identification in such cases.

Payment of fines

Having Aadhaar linked to driver’s license also will make sure that people pay fines issued under their name. As of now, many of us either avoid paying the penalties for long durations or simply get a replacement licence made if the fine amount is just too high. Linking of Aadhaar with driver’s license also will help in solving such instances.

Last year, the govt had announced that folks can now keep their driving licences and vehicle registration certificates in DigiLocker. The move was aimed toward facilitating access to documents anytime and anywhere, eliminating the necessity to hold them face to face . The digital driver’s license and vehicle registration documents would be available on citizens’ cellphones and may be accessed through DigiLocker mobile application. The documents are going to be considered authentic by various enforcement authorities, including the traffic police

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