Pradhan Mantri Nayi Manzil Yojana

Key features of the Nai Manzil Scheme Education and skill training

Under the scheme, the department will confirm that each one school dropouts, belonging to the minority groups not only get educational qualification but also receive occupational training which will assist them within the future.

Tenure of the particular project
As per the announcement of the central government, the entire term of the project has been fixed to be 5 years. During this point , all implementation related tasks are going to be wiped out well-defined phases.

Providing placement
Once the trainees are trained both at academic and vocational levels, the department also will assist in providing them with suitable placement to form the training fruitful. it’s been estimated that around 70% trainees will get jobs from this initiative.

Estimated number of candidates
With the implementation of the scheme, the govt is predicted to cater to the tutorial and vocational requirements of around 100,000 minority candidates.

Duration of the training
The scheme will continue for 9 to 12 months. The duration also will include the skill training term. The term of skill training won’t be quite 3 months.

Bridge courses
The 8th and 10th standard level schooling are going to be provided via the space education system. the event and implementation of Bridge Education System are going to be finished tackling this example .

Pilot project
As of now, the scheme has been implemented on a pilot basis in certain parts of the country. the govt wants to find out more about the benefits and mistakes from the trail basis implementation.

Stipend for the trainees
To encourage the minority groups in participating within the scheme, the central government are going to be providing each individual with monetary grants on a monthly basis, during and after the completion of the training.

Sensitization and awareness
Another interesting a part of the scheme will include the efforts of the govt to make awareness among the younger generation and assist them in acquiring better life skill trainings.

Programme Implementing Agencies
The central government will send invitations to such NGOs and agencies, who want to be a neighborhood of the scheme. These are referred to as Programme Implementing Agencies. they’re going to get financial assistance aid from the central government.

“Seekho and Kamao scheme has been launched by central government under the supervision of Minority Affairs Ministry.”

Eligibility criteria of the scheme Must belong to minority community
It is a longtime incontrovertible fact that only the candidates who belong to any of the minority communities are going to be allowed to require part within the scheme. The minority dominated states and union territories also will be enrolled, provided they’re less than 5% of total seats.

Must be of specific age
There is an age related criteria that the candidates will need to fulfill. they need to fall within the age bracket of 17 to 35 years.

Income related criteria
The scheme will assist in uplifting the condition of the minority youth of poor strata. Thus, all interested candidates must have the Below poverty line certificate to enroll.

Qualification related criteria
It has been mentioned that the candidate who wish to enroll for the 8th standard bridge course must have academic certificate of appearing in school 5. For those that wish to enroll within the 10th standard bridge level, must have certificate of passing 8th

Seat related reservations
As per the rules , 15% of poor but non-minority candidates are going to be enrolled within the project. 5% of the entire number of seats are going to be reserved for physically challenged people, while 15% seats are going to be reserved for female candidates.

Criteria for the agencies
The NGOs and PIAa, which have an interest in providing the tutorial and skill training, must be registered under the govt . They also got to fulfill other criteria as laid down by the scheme.

“Hamari Dharohar Scheme has been launched for the culture of minorities.”

How to apply for the Pradhan Mantri Nai Manzil Scheme
All interested candidate can inspect the official website of the Minority Welfare Department to understand more about the appliance process. Each candidate will need to fill in an form , via online or offline process. they’re going to even have to supply documents for verification process. Once the verification has been done, each candidate are going to be placed under the care of workplace which will be liable for providing training to the candidate.

“Free coaching scheme has been launched by government for for minority students . And Free Coaching Scheme Minority Students For government officials Exam Telangana has also been launched for minorities.

Training and Placement under the scheme
Training by skilled experts

Under the scheme, only those agencies are going to be ready to participate who will prove themselves worthy by showing that they need a positive diary . they have to possess experts who will provide fruitful training to the candidates.

Selecting the candidates
Once the appliance has been made by the interested applicants, the choice process will begin. The deserving candidates are going to be selected for being a neighborhood of the course.

Placement opportunities
All the NGOs and PIAs must place a minimum of 70% of the entire candidates they need trained within a span of three months, after the successful completion of the course.

MSDE norms must be followed

It has been stated that each one activities, associated with the curriculum of the scheme must be as per the principles and norms of the MSDE. It states that the candidates are going to be provided training as per the capabilities of the person.

NSQF norms

The preparation of the training modules and syllabus are going to be done consistent with the rules laid down within the MES or the QP-NOS. it’ll assist the agencies in remaining within the NSQF norms.

Developing communication with industries based locally

It is the responsibility of the PIAs to supply individual with jobs after the completion of the training. For this, they have to be in constant touch with all locally based industries to maximise chances of employment.

Tracking the activities of the placed candidates

Apart from providing jobs and post-placement monetary grants, it’ll be the responsibility of the PIAs to trace the activities of all candidates. If any of the candidates lose their job, the PIAs must find them another job.

“Nai Roshni Scheme has been launched by central for improving skills in women of minority groups.”

Fee and Stipend in Nai Manzil Scheme
No fee are going to be charged from the scholars or the agencies for the training. The agencies, which want to be a neighborhood of the scheme, are going to be given a sum of Rs. 56,500 for each selected candidate. this may include the training expenses, supplies expenses, candidate grant expenses et al. . The agencies are going to be given the cash in three separate installments. The ratio of the installments are going to be 30:50:20.

On the opposite hand, each selected candidate are going to be given a stipend to encourage participation and continuation of the training. The agencies are going to be liable for the payment of this grant. The candidates will acquire a complete amount of Rs. 18,500 as per stipend. it’ll include Rs. 1000 monthly for a period of 6 months during academic training, Rs. 1,500 monthly during the skill training. After the location has been made, the candidate will acquire a grant of Rs. 2000 for a term of two months as post-placement grant.

“A subsidy scheme because the name of Padho pardesh yojana has been announced by gov for helping in higher studies.”

Nai Manzil Scheme Budget
As per the announcement of the central government, they need already allotted a whopping amount of fifty million dollars. the cash has been acquired from the planet Bank. The Indian government will have 25 years to pay the credit back and a further grace period of 5 years are going to be allotted for the help . But it’s been estimated that the particular cost of implementing the project are going to be around 100 million dollars.

‘Nai Manzil’ Scheme Launched in Jammu and Kashmir

In India there’s a proverb that if there’s heaven on earth then it’s Kashmir. Kashmir may be a tourist place majorly covered with snow. And hence it’s the prime attraction for tourists everywhere from the planet . the essential traditional trade Kashmir is embroidery on clothes and tourism. There majority population of Kashmir is that the minority community. thanks to lack of proper fiscal support the girl students need to leave the education and obtain into the normal business. Hence to beat this example the Ministry of Minority Affairs has launched a replacement scheme “Nai Manzil”.

They will be trained into various sectors for 3 months like computers IT (software and hardware), Tourism/hospitality, saffron processing, food processing, embroidery, electronics and plumbing. After successful completion of the course the trainees will get Rs. 4500 as stipend. This scheme is already running successfully in Patna and Motihari in Bihar and Bhandup in Mumbai. Hence in near future we are getting to encounter a talented labour.

Siddharth Kishore Dev Verman who is that the Additional Secretary of Minority Affairs Ministry was happy to officially innaugrate the Nai Manzil Scheme in Guwahati. This scheme is targeted towards those students who have dropped out of faculty for any reason. aside from encouragement to end basic education, this scheme also offers vocational education to those young individuals.

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