How to Link Aadhaar to Driving Licence Online

Link My Aadhaar Card To driver’s license

India’s centre government has made aadhar card necessary for all legal documents as proof. As aadhar card become mandatory for card , mobile number activation as same aadhar card become essential for driver’s license .

Aadhaar Number Entry

Driving license is that the authenticated document given to an individual which authorizes him to drive vehicles. it’s like voter id, aadhar card etc. driver’s license are often used as address proof at the place of voter id.

RTO Link Aadhar Card

It is issued by Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the district by taking driving test of the candidate.It is the step taken by the centre government to assist the mission of digitization of the country.

Aadhar card works on the bio-metrics of the person which make more clearance about the identity of the person because it’s the digital identity of the person it works on bio-metric identity if the person.

Notification about the rule

Mr. Shankar Prashad – Union Minister of law and IT had announces that the centre government will take step of linking of aadhaar card with the driver’s license . it had been announced in Digital Haryana summit 2017. Aadhar card also become necessary at the time of auto registration this helps to seek out the stolen vehicles.

Aadhaar Linking With DL

This process is differ for state to state consistent with the improvements in transport department. The announced process will start soon. This decision is that the mutual decision of Transport minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari and Union Minister of law and IT. The aadhar linking with license is mandatory from April 2018. The aadhar are often linked from all state road transport websites.

Benefits of linking aadhar card with driver’s license

Various benefits public gets after apply the method the govt has started are:

After linking the aadhar card with driver’s license person cannot use one another’s license .If they done in order that they be detect and that they should be punished for breaking of rules.

Some agents make duplicate license without proper procedure, after online linking of aadhar card with driver’s license these sort of fraud works also stopped and help to prevent corruption and therefore the people will get conscious of this duplicate and bad steps they has taken for maintain license with the assistance of those sort of agents. and that they can save their money. This process also helps to form India clean and corruption free.

Necessity of the seeding of aadhar card with license

The linking of aadhar card with driver’s license brings transparency.

The seeding of aadhar card with the driver’s license will reduce fraud cases.

The person are going to be enquired from the UIDAI database.

It is subsequent step of digitization of India that movement started by Prime Minister “Mr. Narendra Modi”.

As Aadhar card is vital for vehicle registration time it’ll help to seek out stolen vehicles.

With the seeding of aadhaar card with driver’s license we will get duplicate driver’s license just in case the license has been lost.

Link Aadhaar with driver’s license Online

Step 1: Visit the official website of state road transport department that issued your driver’s license . If you’re unsure about official website of your state, scroll right down to see the list.

Step 2: Find the ‘Aadhaar Number Entry’ on the page. Here, you’ll see the choice of ‘Search Element’ as license number or License. Enter your Registration or registration number and click on on Get details.

Step 3: Now enter your 12 digits Aadhaar number and mobile number within the column provided.

Step 4: Submit the shape and it’ll send you an OTP on the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to verify .

Your details are going to be sent to move officials for verification. Once the verification has been done, you’ll receive the SMS alert.

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