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Pradhan Mantri eBasta Scheme Portal

The Government of India is committed to enhance the way India has been imparting education to its students. Through eBasta, the govt plans to empower both society and increase knowledge through digital mode. This project is directly under the pet project list of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and there are various endeavors associated with this project, like DigiLocker.

Digital India initiative is claimed to be driving eBasta program in coming future. the whole initiative would be managed and travel by Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), the govt backed organization which is liable for research and development under DeitY.

What is eBasta?

The idea of eBasta initiative is to bring publishers, students, schools and teachers together on only one platform. this is able to be a sort of system during which school books would be accessible for all the scholars within the sort of eBooks and may be read on their computers and tablets. Moreover, the books would be customized and selected by the varsity faculty considering their curriculum.

These digital books might be read on laptops and tablets and students just need to download their digital book and begin reading and using it. In Hindi, Basta means school bag which is what the whole project is all about.

Who can use eBasta?

There are broadly three stakeholders of eBasta, who would be brought together on eBasta portal, i.e. students, the faculties and therefore the publishers.


Publishers, through eBasta would be ready to publish their study materials for schools and students by uploading the e-content of the study material. School and teachers would decide what books and chapters would be accessible to their school students. The teachers and faculty would have of these features within their instrument panel .


Respective schools can flick through the available content and choose and compile the specified study material in electronic format for his or her students of various classes. this is often how they will organize an eBasta for every class of their school and supply access to their students for them to download and use the electronic content.


In order to download the curriculum books from eBasta Portal, students just got to download the eBasta app on their tablets or laptops and still download their eBooks. The download and selection of books would already be preset by the varsity and therefore the publishers.

The eBasta App

The course material through eBasta can only be downloaded through the eBasta app. Students would be required to log in to eBasta Portal and download the app as per their system configuration. The content and configuration of the app would be preset as decided by the faculties and teachers of the varsity . Through this app, students can download texts, lectures, video and audio files, etc.

Last but not the smallest amount , eBasta may be a genuinely positive initiative from the govt of India considering the fashionable times and technology. it might keep our students abreast with other countries in many form. Moreover, it’s also beneficial for the publishers because this manner they might be entering directly with the scholars and would be getting instant feedback for his or her content.

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