Drivers Licence Related Application Forms

  1. Application Form For Licence To Drive A Motor Vehicle (Form 4)Coming to the Driving Licence, it contains various fields pertaining to the particulars of the applicant, type of vehicle you wish to get the licence for, and other details pertaining to the driving test. Following are the broad categories or fields included on a Driving Licence Application Form.
    • Type of vehicle You must tick the category or class of vehicle which you are getting the licence for. E.g. motor cycle with / without gear, invalid carriage, light motor vehicle, transport vehicle, etc.
    • Particulars of the Applicant Full name, Son/daughter/wife of, permanent address, date of birth, place of birth, educational qualifications, Identification marks, Declaration of citizenship status, blood group, etc.
    • Whether or not the applicant has held a driving licence in the past. If yes, then details must be provided.
    • If the applicant has been convicted while holding the current licence. If yes, then details must be provided.
    • If the applicant has been disqualified for obtaining a licence to drive. If yes, then why.
    • If the applicant has been subjected to a driving test for fitness or ability to drive a vehicle in respect of which a licence to drive is applied for. If yes, then details must be provided as to the date of the test, testing authority and result of the test.
  2. Application Form For Grant Or Renewal of Learners Licence (Form 2)If you wish to acquire a new learners licence or renew your existing learners licence, then you must submit a duly filled Form 2. The form requires you to provide your personal details like name, age, date of birth, educational qualifications, identification marks, blood group, etc. Further the application requires you to provide any information pertaining to the issue of a previous learners licence or if the applicant has previously been disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence or learners licence. The next section of the application form concerns the details regarding the fitness certificate which is required to be submitted along with this application. The applicant must also indicate if they have been exempted from the medical test or the preliminary test for this purpose. The concluding section of the form requires the parent / guardian (in case of a minor applying for the licence) to provide consent to the applicant for obtaining the licence. It also includes the results of the applicants driving test, indicating whether or not they have successfully passed the test. The form will require the signature of the applicant, parent/guardian and also the licensing authority, wherever required.
  3. Form For Application For Renewal Of Driving Licence (Form 9)Driving licences are issued only for a fixed number of years, after which they must be renewed. If you have to renew your Drivers Licence, you will be required to fill up Form 9 which is for the renewal of an expired drivers licence. Along with the form, the applicant is required to submit their recently taken photograph as well. The form begins with personal details like applicants name, along with the name of any immediate family member. You also need to provide details pertaining to the expired drivers licence like the licence number, date of its issue, licensing Authority which first issued the license and also the licensing authority which last renewed the license. Further applicants must check the class of vehicle for which they wish to renew their licence. The concluding fields of the form require the applicants permanent and temporary address and the applicants declaration that the renewal of license has not been refused / revoked or the applicant has not been disqualified for holding / obtaining a driving licence. Along with this form, the applicant must also attach their expired licence.
  4. Application For Duplicate Driving Licence (Form L.L.D)In case you have misplaced or lost your driving licence and with to get a duplicate licence issued for yourself, you are required to fill up Form L.L.D. The purpose of this form is to intimate the concerned authority about the loss or destruction of an existing drivers licence. This form requires you to provide details like your missing drivers licence number, issuing authority, your name, mother/father/spouse/guardians name, permanent and temporary address, along with the circumstances of loss or destruction of the licence. At the end, the form requires the signature or thumb impression of the applicant.
  5. Application Cum Declaration Form of Physical Fitness (Form 1)In order to obtain a drivers licence, applicants must fill in the application declaring their physical fitness. This form is split in two sections wherein the first section requires details like the applicants name, immediate family members name, permanent address, date of birth, identification marks. The second section requires the applicant to make any declaration regarding any aspect of their physical fitness. The applicant must declare truthfully if they suffer from any medical conditions like epilepsy, loss of muscular ability in any limb, night blindness, colour blindness, hearing disability or any other disease which might cause hindrance in the operation of a motor vehicle. Please note that applicants must submit this form along with the Medical Certificate in Form 1A.
  6. Medical Certificate (Form 1A)It is mandatory for all drivers licence applicants to submit the Medical Certificate or Form 1A along with the certificate of physical fitness to the concerned authorities. This form is broadly divided into 3 sections. Applicants are required to give their name and any identification marks present on their body like a mole or scar. The next section asks the applicant to make a declaration regarding any medical ailment of condition which they may be suffering from like defects of vision (colour blindness, night blindness, etc.), deafness or any deformity or loss of memory which might interfere with the driving of a motor vehicle. Under the optional section, the applicant may provide their blood group or Rh factor. The certificate must be verified and signed by an authorized medical practitioner or medical officer, declaring that the applicant has been examined by them and also point out any discrepancy in the required details.
  7. Application for Addition Of New Class Of Vehicle To Driving Licence (Form 8)If you wish to add another class of vehicle to your existing drivers licence, you will need to fill out the Form 8. You will be required to furnish details like your name, your authorized driving licence number, issuing authority, and name of any immediate family member. In the following section, you must tick the additional class of vehicle which you wish to apply for. Following this, applicants must tick mark the documents which they are enclosing (medical certificate in Form 1A, Learners Licence in Form 3, Driving Licence in Form 6/7, Driving Certificate in Form 5 for Transport vehicles), along with the amount of fees paid towards submission of the form. The concluding section of the form is a Certificate of Test of Competence To Drive which must be filled in by the authorized officer of the testing authority.
  8. Application Form For Intimation of Temporary/Permanent/Change of Address For Authorized Licence Holder (Form LCA)If you wish to change your temporary / permanent address as is given on your drivers licence, this is the form which you need to submit. You will be required to put in necessary details like your name, fathers name, changed address (along with a proof of the changed address), Address as mentioned in the Drivers Licence (unchanged address), validity of the drivers licence, licensing authority which last issued / renewed the licence and the fee paid towards the change of address on the drivers licence. The applicant must duly sign the form themselves before submitting the same.

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