Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme

Pradhan Mantri LPG Subsidy PAHAL Yojana (DBTL)

The first phase of the scheme was launched in 54 districts of India on an attempt basis and ran successfully. Now, the scheme is executed and functional throughout the country. the complete sort of PAHAL Yojana is Pratyaksh Hanstantarit Scheme and concerns the LPG customers.

The ambitious PAHAL scheme was launched by the previous congress government in 2013; however, it couldn’t be implemented. The objectives of the previous scheme were more or less an equivalent the present government at the middle has just taken note of the restrictions of the scheme and launched it during a better way.

Pradhan Mantri LPG Subsidy PAHAL Yojana (DBTL)

It initiated the gas subsidy scheme in 54 districts within the first phase, thereby benefiting quite 2.5 crore households of the country. The previous PAHAL scheme made it mandatory for the LPG user to possess an Aadhar Card, which was a drag for many of the households. However, the new modification within the scheme offers subsidy both with Aadhar card and without Aadhar card.

How can users receive LPG subsidy?

The new PAHAL scheme makes every consumer eligible for a subsidy. The subsidy is now directly transferred to the consumer’s saving checking account under two options. Cash Transfer Complaint is that the functional process under which all the consumers of LPG would avail the advantages from PAHAL scheme. The subsidy that a consumer gets under the scheme would be directly transferred to the customer’s checking account .

Option 1 for receiving LPG subsidy

With Aadhar Number: the primary option of receiving subsidy is thru Aadhar number. These Aadhar numbers are linked to the checking account also on the LPG connection and therefore the subsidy after delivery of the gas is directly transferred to the checking account .

Option 2 for receiving LPG subsidy

Without Aadhar Number albeit a consumer doesn’t have Aadhar number, he/she can receive the LPG subsidy in their saving checking account . This happens in following two ways:

In the first option, the LPG distributor asks for all relevant details of the buyer like checking account number, IFSC and account holder’s name along side their contact details and physical address. This information is saved within the LPG provider’s database.
In the second option, the bank also can get all of the above mentioned details of the buyer and reserve it in their database along side their respective 17 digit LPG consumer number. This helps banks release the LPG subsidy to the consumers account.

The above two options are referred to as primary and secondary options respectively. As a matter of practice the first option of giving all the small print to the LPG distributor is deemed to be a far better option and recommended for everybody . However, if someone isn’t ready to roll in the hay with their LPG distributor, they will prefer to provide these details to their bank also .

The Benefits of PAHAL Scheme

The PAHAL scheme offers multi faceted benefits to all or any the parties involved within the deliverance of LPG. A detail of the advantages goes just like the following:

Benefit to LPG Consumers

The PAHAL scheme is aimed toward directly benefitting the LPG consumers or in other words the citizens of India. The subsidy amount is nothing else but the difference between the costs of LPG at market rates and therefore the subsidized rate at which the customer would be getting the LPG cylinder.

However, the subsidy would only tend to consumers after they need joined the PAHAL scheme and submitted necessary details with either the distributor or the bank where they hold the saving account. The subsidy amount is directly transferred to the consumer’s checking account after the cylinder is delivered to the consumer’s house.

Benefit to the govt

The government through PAHAL scheme would be benefited during a way that this technique would curtail the extent of unauthorized sales that happen in LPG cylinders delivery. Also, this is able to put to a stop of multiple purchases of gas cylinders. in particular , the burden of subsidy on government would be reduced to a big level.

Benefit to the Oil Marketing Companies

The PAHAL scheme would benefit the Oil Marketing companies also thanks to this scheme being into effect, the oil companies wouldn’t need to worry about the intermediaries. This way, they will make sure that they’re in direct contact with their customers and have the entire details of their consumers. this is able to successively build an excellent customer relationship. Moreover, this is able to put a check on the unauthorized distribution along side multiple connections under an equivalent name.

The advantage of Permanent Advance under PAHAL Scheme
This would be fixed for the whole fiscal year . This amount would be with the buyer till the time he/she carries the gas connection actively.

Things to recollect under PAHAL Scheme
To sum it up, following may be a list of points that you simply should remember concerning PAHAL Scheme
The consumer should have a lively checking account to avail benefit under the scheme
Bank account is need under the scheme since the subsidy amount has got to enter the checking account of the buyer whenever they purchase an LPG cylinder.
To sum it up, PAHAL scheme is a superb initiative of the Central Government to standardize the LPG distribution within the country, which was earlier a challenge for both the govt also because the oil marketing companies.

dbt subsidy in airtel payment bank

Not only you but 37.21 lakh LPG consumers subsidies are been transferred to their airtel payment bank. What went on is Airtel has abused the method of aadhar based SIM verification e-KYC for mobile and e-KYC for payment bank process. About 37.21 lakh payment bank accounts were activated without the consent of the users. As a result UIDAI has now suspended the e-KYC license key of Bharti Airtel.

You might have linked your aadhar number with the Airtel payment bank. Hence your subsidy is been transferred to your Airtel payment bank. to urge subsidy back onto another account, you’ll need to visit your bank and ask them to de-link then re-link your aadhar number. After you re-link you’ll start receiving the subsidy on the account you’ve got recently linked aadhar too.

Niti Aayog Might Introduce Subsidy on Cooking Fuel

If reports are to be believed then Niti Aayog may introduce a replacement scheme which will be associated with cooking fuel subsidy. This announcement was made on the 15th of July, 2018 by Rajiv Kumar. he’s the Chairman of Niti Aayog. Central government offers a selected subsidy on LPG cooking gas cylinders. market value of those cylinders depends on fuel cost in international markets. Under this new scheme, central government will replace LPG subsidy with similar discounts on cooking fuel. it’ll widen the spectrum of subsidy on cooking fuels. This scheme, once developed by Niti Aayog, will provide subsidy on other cooking variants.

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